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"The Veil | Story of Creation" brings a FRESH perspective of God's heart for the world.  Oftentimes when the story of Creation is told, the facts are presented but God is portrayed as a distant Creator, One who speaks, "It is so," and that is all.  "The Veil" shows God not only as a fun-loving, joyful Creator who takes pleasure in His creation, but also as a fierce Warrior who fights for the ones He has made. "The Veil" is a mesmerizing and inspiring experience sure to bring HOPE and clarity to the hearts of all who watch.  



"Dreamer: The Diary of Joseph" is a story about trusting in a God you cannot see. This production accounts Joseph's journey from his homeland in Canaan to his becoming second-in-command over the land of Egypt. His journey begins by being sold into slavery by his own brothers as a punishment for his outlandish dreaming. Joseph faces many hardships, and he struggles with how to view God. He processes his spiritual journey with God through his diary, and as an audience member, you are given a backstage pass into Joseph's internal world. 

Come experience a God of faithfulness, One you can trust even when you cannot see Him.


"Fog | Adapted from the Story of Job" uniquely captures the essence of suffering and portrays it in a way never before expressed. Artistically depicted, Job dances blindfold through his painful experience while his three friends try to interpret God's will and purpose for his life. Fog is about lenses and how they lead us to conclusions on how we see God and His nature.

Satan robs us blind,

but Jesus came to open our eyes. 



There are 40 million people caught in human slavery around the world,  4 million of which are exploited sexually. "Rescued" reveals the horrors of the world-wide sex trade industry. The goal of this production is to awaken an empathic heart in the audience for the reality of modern-day slavery.  




Come experience a timeless masterpiece from the brilliant mind of Charles Dickens. This production tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge as he journeys through his past, present, and future to melt his cold heart. Told through dance and drama, Unity Dance Troupe portrays this beautiful story with a few twists, laughs, and tears. This production will be sure to get you and your family in the Christmas mood!

Condemnation Meets Grace

In the midst of a generation that thrives off of shame, "Condemnation Meets Grace" is a compelling and challenging message to accept unconditional grace from God. It will take you deeper into what you believe about God’s heart toward you. 

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