UNIFIED | Building a Foundation of Excellence for Christian Arts 

Unity Dance is dedicating the next three years to raising funds for its own building. This campaign will utilize support from the community to purchase land and construct a 12,000 sq ft building. The goal is to raise $1 million by Spring 2022 and break ground on the first phase of construction by Fall 2022. With your support, Unity can serve more students, invest in the community, and expose God's Heart to the nations. 



After revisions to the initial blue prints, Unity has settled upon a plan of action to make this campaign possible. The first phase of the building will include four dance halls, offices, lobby and reception areas, production and costume storage, and event rental space. The location will be set in the heart of Cleveland, TN, and provide easy access to the public. Once completed, the building will have additional phases to support future growth and maximization.  



This capital campaign cannot be achieved without support from partners and supporters like you. Unity welcomes partners, pledges, and sponsors to help fund this campaign. 

  • $25,000 - $40,000 | Name on Donor Wall in lobby 

  • $40,001 - $75,000 |  Dancer Locker named in your honor

  • $75,001 -$150,000 | Entrance named in your honor 

  • $150,001 - $250,000 | Dance Hall named in your honor

If you would like to donate, please fill out the form at this link! Donations are preferred in the form of checks.